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Quotrell clothing -It's all in the details

Characteristic. Tough. Comfortable. Stylish. That's what Quotrell stands for. We are a unique and distinctive clothing brand that offers a fresh new look for both men and women. We do this by putting quality first and responding to the needs of our customers. From slimfit to loose fit, the diversity in our clothing offers something for everyone.

The collections of Quotrell consist of comfy T-shirts, great fitting hoodiesfine knitwear, sweaters and trendy tracksuits. In addition Quotrell offers several accessories items, including caps and bags. The items from Quotrell can be combined with each other, but they can also be combined with items from other designers.

With the minimalistic design and high quality in fabrics Quotrell distinguishes itself from other fashion brands. People will recognize the Quotrell clothing quickly because of the distinctive Quotrell logo, which can be found on almost every item of clothing. With each item of Quotrell clothing we make sure that you feel self-confident. Because of the wide range of choices there is always something for you.

Coming New! Quotrell Aesthetics

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Quotrell Sale

Are you looking for cool items from Quotrell in the sale? We understand that! On our website you can find all the sale items that you should have in your wardrobe. So keep an eye on our website to make sure you don't miss anything. Now on sale is the Fall/Winter 2020 collection. Shop them now with discounts of up to 70%!

The idea behind Quotrell

In only a few years time Quotrell has grown from a starting clothing brand to a leading fashion brand. With the idea to provide people with fashionable and comfortable clothing, the founder of Quotrell started his clothing line. His inspiration to start Quotrell comes from his years in the service of the army. There he experienced that clothing should be functional and efficient. When he ended his career in the military, he was looking for a clothing line that not only looks good, but also offers comfort and convenience. He didn't see this fit on the market and got the idea to start a clothing line. That his military past has influenced Quotrell's clothing can be seen in the colors, details and fabrics that are used.

Clothing should not only look good, but also offer comfort and convenience. - Designer & founder of Quotrell

Amsterdam meets New York

In addition to insights from the military background, Quotrell draws inspiration from the historical ties between the cities of Amsterdam and New York. New Amsterdam was a 17th-century Dutch settlement located at the southern tip of Manhattan Island. New Amsterdam served as the headquarters of the Dutch settlers who were there to develop the fur trade. New Amsterdam was renamed New York on September 8, 1664.

And now.

Today Quotrell means trendy and casual clothing for the confident man and woman. The designs are characterised by a unique combination of Amsterdam and New York style, the minimalist style and inspiration of the earlier years in service. But Quotrell never sits still and always continues to develop by following the latest trends and the needs of our customers. Stay tuned!

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